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A FREE FileMaker Pro template made from your friends at Richard Carlton Consulting Inc.

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RCC Donations is a FREE FileMaker Pro 12 template (works through version 16) made from your friends at Richard Carlton Consulting Inc. that allows for the straightforward tracking of donations right out of the box. The solution was designed with the FM Starting Point user interface, another one of RCC's templates, and was created after many requests were sent to RCC for donations tracking solution for non-profits in their effort to raise funding.

The key feature to note in RCC Donations is its easy-to-understand design, which allows customization by end-users without the need for consulting services.

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"OK, now let me get this straight. You offer a great piece of software for free. I find a bug and report. Two of you respond almost immediately. AND you fix the bug in a matter of minutes. So what would you do for products you sell? Make home deliveries?! UNBELIEVABLE!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU." -Chuck

"This is an awesome solution and it fits my organization's exact needs. The best part of this solution is that it's free! Thanks a lot!" -Mike

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